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What Are the Different Types of Rowing Machines?

Rowing machines are the perfect exercise equipment for those individuals who wish to focus on strengthening their arms and leg muscles along with a few major muscles.

It mimics the functioning of a rowing boat which provides you with enough resistance making your muscles burn from the pressure and help you tone your muscles with considerable ease.

As with other sports equipment, there are different types of rowing machines you can choose from according to your needs and requirements.

1. Air

This type of rowing machines utilizes the air-resistance to provide you with a hard and challenging workout. The flywheels attached to these machines takes after a house fan blade and provides you with air-resistance by letting out a cool breeze whenever you pull on the handlebar of the rower to start rowing.

Air Rowing Machine

It doesn’t usually come with an adjustable resistance setting although in some models you can set the airflow which in turn affects the air-resistance level during your workout. But mostly the resistance level depends on how fast and hard are you rowing on the machine. While these are the most premium ones out there, you can easily get an air rower under $1500.

The faster you pull on the handlebar and make the fan blade spin, the harder your exercise would be. Although it can be a little noise because of the fan blades, air rowers are second best coming only slightly behind the water rowers and are a good way to start your training.

2. Water

Similar to air rowers, water-resistance workouts majorly depends on how fast and hard are you pulling the handlebars. With paddles suspended in an enclosed water tank and handlebars which when pulled, turn the paddles to create resistance, this is probably one of the most natural types of the rowing machine.

It closely resembles the feel of the actual rowing and you can adjust the resistance by increasing or decreasing the water in the tank. But even though water rowers are the best bet for an actual rowing experience and for a hard and challenging workout, this does have a few drawbacks.

Due to its heavy water tank, it is difficult to move or store and takes up a lot of space and its water needs to be refilled after a period of time too. But keeping all that aside, it is truly one of the best rowing machines and would provide you with that grueling workout which you always desired.

3. Hydraulic

If you are looking some not so expensive and easily stored rowing machine, then this type of rowing machine is the perfect match for you. Also known as piston rowers, this type of rower uses hydraulic pistons which are attached to both the handlebars and is the source of resistance generation and the resistance can be adjusted manually.

Although this has an upper hand over the other three type of rowing machines because of its relative ease and price, it is not a good option for those looking for a full-body workout.

This rower only focuses on the arm workout as this type of rowers are designed for a fixed seat position and shorter range of motion making it difficult for leg and full body workouts. But apart from this, it is a good deal for those not looking for too intense workouts and for those who have space issues at their place.

4. Magnetic

Last but not the least, magnetic rowers are the best option for those people who would require a smooth, noiseless workout and wish to adjust the resistance level for their machines without any actual manual labor.

This type of rowers uses the power of electromagnets to create resistance. Once an individual pulls the handlebars, the electromagnetics makes the flywheels slow down and provide resistance to you so that you are unable to hold your momentum.

Although it is a good rower type, it is not fit for small homes and spaces as it requires a lot of space and cannot be folded.

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