Our Team

Danielle Robinson

Danielle Robinson (Dani) is an enthusiastic Hatha, Vinyasa, Restorative Yoga and Pilates teacher. Beginning her teaching career in Italy back in 2008, Danielle has traveled and studied throughout Europe, New York City, Chicago, pursued her 500 RYT training in Bali, and now lives and teaches in Los Angeles.

As a writer, comedy enthusiast, foodie, hiker and adventure seeker, Dani guides students through thought-provoking and creative practices, choosing to focus strongly on empowering each of us to find our own inner teacher, to listen to our intelligence and recognize our own potential to live a passionate and loving life. Never not hungry, Dani is fueled by the opportunity to encourage others to eat life and soak up every bit of joy in this beautiful existence. She is inspired to share the endless benefits of Yoga with those who are currently under-served and as part of the nonprofit effort, Yogis Can Help, Dani is doing just that. She is grateful for each breath and beyond thrilled to keep spreading the gifts of Yoga with students, friends, family and connections made around the world.

As a writer, Dani provides insightful articles as a Wellness Expert for MindBodyGreen, a blogger for The Travel Yogi, a contributor to Spirituality & Health Magazine, and regularly muses about life, Yoga, love, comedy, sex and everything in between through danieatslife.com.