Andrea Marcum

Andrea’s combination of a challenging class, and a great sense of humor are unique, intelligent, and always leave me feeling better when I leave than when I arrived. She is an amazing teacher and I love her class. — Heather Graham, actress

I’m a former gymnast originally from Santa Cruz, California. I’ve been practicing yoga now for about seventeen years, and teaching for fourteen. Though I’d have voted myself Least Likely To Be An Entrepreneur, I proudly opened U Studio Yoga in Los Angeles in 2006.

You can check out my rigorous vinyasa-style classes online here at My Yoga Gaiam. I’m big on weaving philosophy into the poses and my recipe includes equal parts sweat and laughter too. I love leading the most unassuming newbies to yoga and mindfulness and work with everyone from athletes to executives.

Shape, NFL Network, Los Angeles Times, Huff Post, Qantas Inflight, Self, C Magazine and Mantra Magazine have featured me. Oh, and I’ve been called a Rock Star & One of LA’s Best Teachers. (I know…pretty obnoxious.)

I’m a contributing writer for Gaiam, Mantra Magazine, MindBodyGreen, Elephant JournalOrigin and others. I teach at festivals like Wanderlustand lead workshops and retreats internationally. My writing and my instruction are designed more for the “everyperson” than they are for those select few who can effortlessly tie their bodies into a bow and appear always to have their shit together.

I’m an ambassador for lululemon, Manduka, Tiny Devotions and Herbal Zap. I work with AltaMed to bring yoga and mindfulness to underserved communities. And home is with my wonderful husband Dominic and our two cats Emma and Zoe.

I believe there is no good reason to drink bad coffee.

I believe we should be brave enough to try… Especially if we’re pretty sure we’re going to suck.

I believe our yoga mats are magic carpets to look into our lives and to see the world.

Though my early childhood aspirations were to be a fairy princess, I’m pretty happy with the way things have turned out.

At our NBCUniversal International Television executive retreat Andrea convinced even the most skeptical on our team that mindfulness and yoga are exciting tools to improve our quality of life and job performance. Her approachable style allowed everyone to feel comfortable and made the session a great success.”—Michael Edelstein President, NBCUniversal International Television Production