I still am and always will be a student first and a teacher second when it comes Yoga. I’m just here to show you what I’ve learned along the way from some pretty phenomenal people in the Yoga world. I come from a sports background and had no idea what I was in for when I arrogantly walked into a Power Yoga class 12 years ago with Bryan Kest. I can bet that he has no idea how much he inspired me since that first class…especially the next day when I found it hard to walk down stairs and couldn’t lift my arms to blow dry my hair. Since then I have been inspired by many other’s, namely…Rudy Mettia, Greg Gumucio, and of course Andrea Marcum.

Who knew that lifting a leg here and there, twisting to the right or left and a push up or two would be considered such a powerful “work out”? Basically yoga makes you feel good, delivers great benefits and is the perfect combination of strength and flexibility. Challenge yourself and come see what I’m talking about!

From my end I promise to deliver a fun, challenging practice that is for everyone. Hopefully you walk away a little less stressed, a little more stretched and stronger in body and in mind.

“I love Mary’s community class on Saturdays. It’s $10 cash and she is an amazing instructor! Who would’ve thought that sweating, doing down dog a million times, and having someones foot in your face would be an enjoyable experience? With Mary, it is! She keeps everyone laughing throughout the poses, which actually helps with the breathing too ya’ll ;)”
—Monica N.

“Andrea and Mary are incredible teachers. Even though the kick my butt every time, I come out of the class feeling invigorated and ready to conquer the world!”
—Nova T

“Mary creates an amazingly comfortable atmosphere in her class that I immediately forgot how foolish I felt contorting my body in such awkward positions.”